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Bee-Line Offers Owner Operators a $2500 Sign on Bonus

February 28, 2018

Effective in 2018, Bee-Line Transportation, Inc. is now offering all owner operators a $2500 sign on bonus.  Besides working with the finest transportation team in Texas, now owner operators can put $2500 into their pockets.  Don't forget, drivers with Bee-Line can earn up to $4000 per week and more after fuel and expenses and still be home for the weekend to be with their family.

Any owner operator who wishes to find out more can contact our recruiting office in Houston at 281-897-5639.

We look forward to helping your further your trucking career.

Driver of the Month: Joseph Pellerin

January 15, 2014

Joseph Pellerin received his Commercial Driver’s License in 2005 when he was just 22 years old, following in his father Sandrus Pellerin’s footsteps who was also a commercial driver. Born and raised in Louisiana he moved to Texas in 2008 looking for better opportunities. Joseph had worked retail prior to receiving his CDL because he wanted a career that would financially support his growing family. He started using his CDL working for a furniture moving company using a Box Truck, which then led to driving Tractor Trailer over-the-road. After time away from his family, and the inconsistency in pay, Joseph began looking for a route to provide more reliably for his family throughout the entire year.

In June 2013, he purchased a 2007 Freightliner Columbia and with a truck note in hand he was looking for a company in which he could pay his Owner-Operator expenses and support his family of 3 sons and 1 daughter. This is when he found Bee-Line, with our Texas Regional Freight he is home weekends and spends quality home-time with his wife Shannon and 4 Children (ages 16, 15, 11, and 2). Bee-Line gives him the support he needs to run his own business and the financial security he needs to provide for his family. We do everything we can to make it easier on the Owner Operator, so providing for the family is much easier.

With Bee-Line’s support system, in just 6 months, he has the income and the flexibility to plan quality home time with his family. Bee-Line knows the importance of Family as we have been Family Owned and Operated for 50 Successful Years. Last year Joseph was able to spend a nice vacation in California, which is his Family’s favorite vacation spot. They visited Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Diego and the family was able to spend quality time on the beach, Hollywood Walk of Fame and other vacation spots.

Joseph Pellerin is a stellar driver; always ready for dispatch and always on-time. He has a fantastic attitude towards his job! He has proven himself to be an exceptional driver and we are proud to name him the January 2014 Bee-Line Driver of the Month. Congratulations, Joseph!

Bee-Line turns 50 years old!

December 2, 2013


Established in 1964, Bee-Line has weathered several U.S. economic recessions, but has always maintained that same sense of a family-owned / close-knit business. We thank our wonderful hard-working drivers and office staff who are the true reason why Bee-Line is 50 years old today. Thank you! We are looking forward to another successful 50 years ahead!

Featured Driver: Joseph Redwine

October 31, 2013

Joseph Redwine began driving when he graduated with his Class A CDL at Weatherford Community College in November of 2004. Out of work, Joseph searched to find a job that was recession proof and financially stable. Months of searching always led him back to the trucking industry as a reliable job, so he chose to take the reigns in a fleet driving Class 8 tractors. Redwine came from a truck-driving background and he knew this was right up his alley. Redwine joined the Bee-Line Lease Purchase program in March of 2013 and he instantly knew this was a company with a proven track record of stability and success. He knew he could be prosperous enough to help support him and his son and give them all life had to offer and more. He started the Lease Purchase program knowing he would become an owner-operator within 2 years.

In a short amount of time Redwine became a driver in our dedicated fleet, because of his dependable and on-time deliveries that Bee-Line is famous for. He has also mastered the MPG game which contributes to his success. At the start of his tenure with Bee-Line, he was running his truck around 5.5 miles to the gallon; he is now at 7.5 miles to the gallon and continually looking to improve that figure. Bee-Line has light freight and pays 100% fuel surcharge from the customer so this only means more money in his pocket.

Redwine Offers the following tips to become a Fuel-Management Master:

– Don’t idle and always stay at least 10 miles below the posted speed limit (never exceeding 65 on the highway).
– Fuel up at QT (Quik-Trip), which has been shown as a higher quality of fuel versus some of the competition giving a jolt to the truck of up to 0.5 mpg.
– For every fill-up, use Howell’s Fuel treatment which gave him an extra 0.2 mpg.
– Use Lucas Oil Treatment and Delo Oil.
– For every 20,000 miles, get a reliable oil change and use Cat Filters.
– He has recently installed Aero Flaps (2 for $100) on his truck & trailer which will give him 1/2 mile more by allowing the air to flow freely at the bottom of his truck & trailer.
– He recently installed Turbo 3,000D which puts a spin on the fuel that goes into the fuel-line which should give another 1/2 mpg.
– He is working on getting Air-Cell which will go into the air line and works to boost the air transfer giving him another 1/2 mpg.

Redwine’s proven methods for his cost efficient fuel management along with his on-time deliveries, drive and dedication makes him a successful Lease Purchase Operator. We are proud to have Joseph Redwine in the Bee-Line Family and look forward to many years of Success!