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ELD Success

Published: April 9, 2018
Good morning, fellow ELD users!

The ELD world has become real-time now and all of us on the box are fully accountable for the entries 
we do (or do not) make on our log application.

Some of us have been on the box for almost a year and some of us have been on it a considerably 
shorter time, but we all have the same goal: to run and make money.

We all need to remember that the ELD is basically just a motion sensor, it senses when the truck is 
being driven.  It is built to detect when your truck is in motion, but you have to tell it what the purpose 
for that motion is and if that motion is for a purpose other than standard driving.

The application on your phone or tablet (your log) will keep track of all your hours and all your limits
based on what we tell it as we live, run, and work, but it has to be told, just like you had to fill in your 
old paper log.  Remember, it is a machine, whether it is your phone or your tablet. It cannot do what 
you don’t tell it to do. The KeepTruckin Application is where you keep your log and life information for 
each 24-hour period; all the box tells your log is if the truck was in motion and places that in your log 
at the appropriate time.

Just like with paper logs, every time you climb in and sit down in the driver’s seat, you have to take a 
minute and make sure the log is set for your next new duty status (draw your electronic line).

The ELD and your log application did not and does not change the time you have to run and make 
money; it actually helps you run and earn because it keeps track of where you are in your daily, weekly, 
and 70-hour cycle so you can plan better for the next move. And requires no math in order to see it!! 
You always know if you can run another trip before you need a 34-hour restart!

Several operators here at Bee-Line that swore they would quit or retire before going electronic are 
happily running and making the same or more on each settlement . One told me several months ago 
“OK, let’s try that dang box”.  Several days into the next week of running on the box the same operator 
came to me and said with a big smile on his face “how soon can I quit using the stupid paper logs and 
just use the contraption?”

Understanding that the application is your log and the box is just the motion sensor makes more sense of 
the process.
You are still creating your log; YOU still have to change your duty statuses; YOU still have to add your 
trip number, complete your DVIR, and sign your log; You still have to make sure your log is accurate 
and up to date. The trick is to use the ELD as a planning tool, rather than a hindrance. Use it to benefit
your operation so that you can more effectively utilize your Hours of Service to make more money per 
on-duty hour. The insight you will uncover the more you use the ELD, will allow you to have greater
knowledge into gaps in your work week that need improvement to improve cash flow. 

Below are some of the recent quotes from drivers we have heard while discussing the ELD with Bee-Line 

“I make as much or more now as before and it is easier to see if I have time to run.”
“I make fewer log mistakes and spend less time than when we did on paper. The app does most of the 
work. I do the status and the app does all the lines, all of the math, adds up my recap, and even tells me 
when I need to break or take 10.”
“It took a while to learn, but now, if I do it right, logging is a breeze and nearly always right” “It has
really helped me manage the 30-minute break and, after a few problems reading time right, getting my rest
and getting rolling again. I really like how I can plan better knowing all my times so I can ask Dispatch for
more runs."
“I run more miles now because I can tell them (Dispatch) that I have time."
“I am seeing more rest periods under a load on the road, but less time between loads and that makes more 
miles and more money and better weeks”

In closing, we know some of us still have some daily issues adapting to an electronic means of logging, 
but those issues are usually bad input and correctable.  The playing field has not changed and the rules 
are the same. If we run right and manage our log (the ELD application) correctly, then we stay legal and 
the machine is just a very useful tool for us.