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Safety Program

Bee-Line Delivery is actively engaged in making sure that we are in compliance with the 7 basics of CSA2010. Those basics are as follows:

1. Fatigued Driving
2. Unsafe Driving
3. Driver Fitness
4. Controlled Substances & Alcohol
5. Vehicle Maintenance
6. Cargo Related
7. Crash Indicator

Our effort toward compliance is two-fold. First, this is a measurement of the safety effectiveness of the company when compared to companies of like size. Therefore, a good score in this area gives our customers a comfort level with our ability to handle their shipments in a manner that is consistent with the basic values as listed in the program. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s the right thing to do. We want our associates to leave work every day the same way they came to work. This means ensuring that they work safely for themselves, as well as for everyone else on the road. Making sure that we adhere to these principles is a huge step toward making this happen.

We also have safety incentives. Clean DOT inspections will bring you cash every time , no matter how many you have. However, your family and your personal health should be your biggest incentives.

Safety is a mindset. Keep your head in the game. What direction are you going???